Eakins Documentary to Broadcast

On Thursday November 30th at 10PM, WHYY will air its documentary from 2001: Thomas Eakins: Scenes From Modern Life. There’s nothing better to put The Gross Clinic in context. You can view two short segments about the masterpiece right now at our website, but this hour-long production is not to be missed. And if you happen to miss it the first time (and are losing sleep over this whole issue) you’ll be able to catch a second broadcast on December 2nd at 3:00am.

Here’s our original blurb for this program, produced by Glenn Holsten: “He was defiant. He was inflexible. He was self-righteous. He was undiplomatic and inconsiderate. He was never boring. Thomas Eakins (1844-1916) was an original in a conventional society who pursued his goals in art and life with unswerving determination. He portrayed scenes from modern life at a time when it was evolving at a breathtaking pace, revealing the American people and their world with remarkable sympathy.”

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