10 Days: NPR Kicks In

In her report on Morning Edition (12-14-06) Susan Stamberg asks Kathy Foster from the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Joe Palka, NPR’s medical reporter, to analyze The Gross Clinic as a document of its day. Read more and listen to the report here.

Later the same day, during All Things Considered, WHYY’s Joel Rose reports from Jefferson staff and students and a scholar on the art and history of assembling museums. Read more and listen to the report here.

If you happened to miss it yesterday, take a listen to author William S. McFeely’s talk about Eakins and his new Portrait: A Life of Thomas Eakins, from the Free Library of Philadelphia. Listen here.

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4 Comments on “10 Days: NPR Kicks In”

  1. With ten days to go where are we on the fundraising?

    Dr. Rick Lippin
    Southampton, Pa

  2. K.P. Says:

    I would also appreciate knowing where the fundraising effort stands.

  3. Chromojanic Says:

    The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Eakins fund webpage at http://www.philamuseum.org/giving/509-398.html says that they’re at 40% of the goal. It doesn’t give a dollar amount, but 40% of 68M is 27.2M.

  4. KP Says:

    Wow. $27 million is a ton of money, but it still leaves a ways to go. I’m not optimistic.

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