6 Days: Looking Like a Cultural Capital?

It used to be that a “world-class city” (or the now popular forward-leaning term “next-great city”) had an architectural style all its own. And then this style would inspire copies among the also rans. 

That design idea is so old millenium.

When it comes to looking like a cultural destination, what does the new millennium have to offer?



We couldn’t help but notice how the proposed addition to the Free Library of Philadelphia (top) by Moshe Safdie looks like his Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, Arkansas (bottom). Or is it visa versa?  We have to wonder which one is the original.

When it comes to the ebb and flow of cultural influences, are we on the “ebb?” or are we, as we like to think of ourselves in Philadelphia, on the “flow?”

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3 Comments on “6 Days: Looking Like a Cultural Capital?”

  1. There is only one place to be – in that fleeting, glorious,electric space between ebb and flow?

    Good luck to all art and culture lovers

    Dr. Rick Lippin
    Southampton, Pa

  2. anonymous Says:

    I’m intrigued (and a bit worried) that we have heard nothing more on the progress of fundraising since the announcements a couple of weeks ago that 1/3 of the $68 mil had been raised. Does anyone know where we are??? Friends of mine across the country (and a couple in Canada) tell me they have contributed … I think its time for the “Keep Gross in Phila” com’tee to send out some kind of press release …

  3. See Stephan Salisbury article in Inquirer today (Thurs). Nice that your out of town friends contributed!

    Dr. Rick Lippin
    Southampton, Pa

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