5 Days: The Gross Clinic Stays

The Gross ClinicUPDATE – RadioTimes program (announced below) cancelled due to illness.  Check the schedule at www.whyy.org for future programs. 

If museology ever rises to the level of mythology, that would be the day Philadelphia rises to a challenge like the one it has faced these past forty days and forty nights.

Today it was announced: the Eakins stays in Philadelphia, the place where it has the most significance, the most context, and the place where it (now) has the most friends. 

Read about the announcement here and tune in to 91FM for updates. Plus, you can hear more about the painting that stirred Philadelphia’s passions tomorrow from 10AM-11AM on Radio Times (91FM in Philadelphia or online).  Among the guests are Marc Porter, President of Christie’s Americas, Project Home’s Sister Mary Scullion and Philadelphia artist Moe Brooker.

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6 Comments on “5 Days: The Gross Clinic Stays”

  1. WHYY- Thanks for all your coverage!

    I was treasurer of the William Penn Restoration Committee in 1987 but NOTHING matches this magic of garnering support from all over the nation to keep our Gross Clinic here 🙂

    Dr. Rick Lippin

  2. RMUTT Says:

    And don’t forget to thank the smart business people at Jefferson Medical College for having sparked the match that ignited a candle that illuminated the conciousness of so many people who would not have otherwise donated so much money and free advertising to the PMA or PAFA … or to Jefferson.

    Very smart indeed.

  3. RMUTT-

    Surely you jest? Jefferson will never be viewed as the same great institution it once was. It’s history is permanantly stained.

    Dr. Rick Lippin
    Southampton, Pa

  4. Elsie M. Linkel Says:

    You must be kidding? $68 million dollars to keep a painting in Philadelphia? When you have homeless in the streets, poor people who go from shelter to shelter, drug addicted and HIV people who need medical help and as many problems with gang related shootings and deaths as Trenton and you waste precious money on a painting?

    Be sure and post a color copy of the painting on every street corner so the homeless, poor, sick and forgotten can see who the city of brotherly love really care for.

  5. Elsie-I am for single payer national health care system in US

    See my blog at http://medicalcrises.blogspot.com

    Dr. Rick Lippin

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