Off To A Good Start

Gross Clinic ParodySo, we won’t have to resort to re-enacting The Gross Clinic, after all.  That’s how Eakins’ students consoled and humored the artist after his masterpiece was diverted from display among the American art at Philadelphia’s World’s Fair in 1876.

What role did The Sixth Square play in framing issues and introducing context during those 40 days when The Gross Clinic’s future hung in the balance? We’d like to think the last 27 posts, 54 comments and more than 5,500 visits helped fuel the public conversation. We’d like to think of this as Citizen Culture. And as the “Eakins Countdown” comes to a close, the The Sixth Square gears up to continue with other themes, ideas and issues, all cultural, all civic — and all Philadelphia.

Who and what is The Sixth Square, anyway? Today we finally post an “About” tab, so you can see who we are. And the reason for the blog’s alliterative name? We think it is kind of obvious in a city originally designed with five squares, and a far better name than “Discourse-Based Epistemology.”

The Sixth Square is intended as a shared place about a city with a powerful sense of place and a dynamic and increasingly meaningful arts and culture community.

Stay tuned in weeks to come.

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4 Comments on “Off To A Good Start”

  1. Thanks WHYY for the “about” tab on your Sixth Square blog and thanks Ken Finkel- Now I know who I have been talkin to.

    I’ll be back on other topics especially if they relate to the links between the creative and healing arts.

    Now it’s party time for all who helped keep our painting here in Philly including this blog!

    Dr. Rick Lippin

  2. Louis E. Criden M.D. Says:

    As a graduate of Jefferson, class of ’65, I am not at all pleased with the final decision about The Gross Clinic. I think the point was missed completely. The Gross Clinic is primarily a Jefferson treasure and should remain there as such. As far as I’m concerned, if it doesn’t remain at Jefferson, It may as well be in any city. We have lost it forever.

  3. Marvin H. Young Says:

    It seems that we have lost our way. Now everything is for sale. Everything is watered down and nothing of value is “Made in America.” Politicans have sold out our people, politicians have sold out our Constitution and we all have sold out our children. Yes, I am the son of an immigrant family but then we were 100% American and for 100% for America. Today only smart people who wish to retain their identity keep their national treasures.

    We, the ununited people, now hold nothing sacred and have little national pride. Our sons and daughters die for causes which are no longer for national issues but for personal power issues. “Give it away but get a good price” has replaced “E Pluribus Unum” and “What can I get for it?” has replaced “What am I doing for my country? I never thought it was possible but I will not live to read the future book, “The Rise and Fall of the United States of America.”

  4. Kathleen Foster Says:

    Thanks, Ken, for a thoughtful and useful blog. Time to dance at the top of the Rocky Stairs! As Anne d’Harnoncourt said, “Go, Philadelphia!!”

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