The Inside Stories

The places we call home across the Delaware Valley each have their own stories to tell.  And Scribe Video Center’s Precious Places Community History Project reveals many of the bypassed neighborhoods, sites and stories as living landmarks.  They surprise; they inspire.

Over the past three years, Scribe has collaborated with community groups from Philadelphia, Chester, Ardmore, and Camden to produce 41 community documentaries.  Precious Places is a regional history, an occasion for neighbors to tell their own stories about people and places in their unique communities.

Now, WHYY is able to share these documentaries with the region.  For 14 weeks, beginning October 7th, you will find three documentaries broadcast at 11:30 PM.  And each week, one video will be mounted at

First up, Sunday October 7th:  The Taking of Bodine: Never Forget by Community Leadership Institute. North Philadelphia residents confront displacement by the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (NTI).  Led by neighborhood organizer Rosemary Cubas, the Community Leadership Institute contends that many good neighbors are being pushed out, houses bulldozed and land devalued in a plan that promises “development,” but not for the current residents. 

St. Augustine Church, Philadelphia: Immigration & Filipino Transformation by Filipino American National Historical Society (Old City). The Filipino-American community, long a vital part of the city’s history, has played a crucial role in the re-birth of St. Augustine’s Church at 4th and Vine Streets.  For two centuries, this church has been the heart of immigrant communities.

Buried Stones, Buried Dreams by Mt. Moriah Preservation Society (Southwest Philadelphia). Mount Moriah, a cemetery with the remains of many Civil War veterans, has fallen into disrepair. The children and grandchildren of those buried at the cemetery, along with area neighbors, explore the significance of Mt. Moriah and raise important questions about our responsibilities to the dead.What more can be said?  That’s for you to decide.

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