Diverse Roots

The upcoming installment of Scribe Video Center’s Precious Places Community History Project airs on TV-12 at 11:30pm on Sunday November 4th.   This week’s episodes focus on Philadelphia’s international roots. 

Villa African Colobo by Grupo Motivos.  Grupo Motivos is an organization of women of Puerto Rican ancestry who have transformed the landscape of North Philadelphia.  Villa African Colobo, their newest project, is an African Garden where community members gather to celebrate their cultural heritage through art, dance, music and agriculture. 

The Aqua Lounge by African Cultural Art Forum.  The Aqua Lounge on 52nd Street was the place for progressive jazz artists in the 1960s.  This West Philadelpia icon continues as a center for culture, now housing the African Cultural Art Forum. 

I Come From A Place by Asian Arts Initiative.  As this Center City organization prepares to leave their home in the Gilbert Building, being demolished to accommodate the expanding Pennsylvania Convention Center, those who have been touched by this vital arts insititution tell their story. 

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