A Sense of Community

This week’s installment of Scribe Video Center’s Precious Places Community History Project airs Sunday November 11th at 11:30pm on TV 12. We’ll explore two communities threated by eminent domain, and one that lost its social center. 

Pride of the Hill by Cramer Hill Residents Association.  This stable, working class North Camden community is slated to be bulldozed. Lifelong residents talk about growing up along the Delaware River and document their struggle to save their homes.

The Manayunk Club by Manayunk Neighborhood Council.  Once the community’s social center, the Manayunk Club’s 19th century mansion was destroyed by fire in 2001.  Residents talk about the heritage of the club and their relationship to the changing community.

Ardmore, A Village at Risk by Save Ardmore Coalition.  A street of small family owned shops, Lancaster Avenue is the heart of the Ardmore.  But residents must now fight off efforts to take over their properties by eminent domain.

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