Yule Watch It

Ever sit and stare blankly at your television?  How about at your computer monitor?  Maybe you know the same feeling from staring into a hearth.  (Primeval habits die hard.) 

Well, in this convergent holiday season, you can have it all.

Beginning 1966, New York City television station WPIX-Channel 11 aired an uninterrupted image of a burning yule log accompanied by seasonal music for two to four hours on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.  Sometimes both.  The station manager considered it a Christmas gift to those without fireplaces.  The burning log was soon a hot ratings success and aired for more than two decades.  In the late’80s a Grinch-like station manager canceled the four-hour program, largely because the format permitted no commercials. 

Much to the delight of viewers, The Yule Log was brought back for Christmas 2001, and has continued to air since.  The televised fire has been picked up or replicated by other stations nation-wide. 

Find out more about the log’s legacy at this fan site, or in the Wikipedia entry.  Or simply enjoy it right here at The Sixth Square.

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