Growing Communities

Each Sunday at 11:30pm on TV12, WHYY airs three short documentaries from Scribe Video Center’s Precious Places Community History Project.  This week:  how seeds grow. 

Las Parcelas by Norris Square Neighborhood Project. Once a vacant lot on Palethorp Street, this is now a lush urban garden.  A dedicated group of North Philadelphia women plant seeds literally and figuratively.  What grows?  Community, cultural awareness and, of course, vegetables.

Strawberry Mansion, Neighborhood by the Park by the East Park Revitalization AllianceNorth Philadelphia residents talk about Strawberry Mansion, the neighborhood situated along the eastern side of Fairmount Park.  With acres and acres of open parkland, a reservoir, 19th century mansions, and a riding stable, this community is a mix of city and country.

Francisville Community HistoryThe men who once made up the Morrocos, a 1960s street gang, tell their story of how political climate, in particular the struggle to integrate Girard College, transformed gang members into activists and leaders.  This piece was commissioned as a prototype for Precious Places by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission.

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One Comment on “Growing Communities”

  1. Laverne Bennett Sanford Says:

    Provoking warm memories, great promise for the future. It is indeed wonderful to know that folks still possess such pride in where the come from -and in may cases- where they’ve decided to stay.

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