Sundance: Getting there…

Last night our guest blogger, Kristine Kennedy, sent in her first post from The Sundance Film Festival.  Here it is.  You can also check out Kristine’s blog, Unsolicited Submissions.

Where to begin? How about right now. I am standing in near pitch darkness in the cavernous New Frontiers building at a bank of laptops provided by Hewlett Packard that offer free internet access to us bewildered city kids. I sorely miss my Mac. This PC’s cunioform keyboard makes me want to throw the whole baby across the room and, with any luck, take out a low-level talent agent. Seriously, six people have asked me how to get on the internet from these “computers”… in 2008. Kudos, HP.

I’ve been in Park City for a couple of hours now and it’s been a festival of “where am I?”. It’s a small town, to be sure, with a lot of junky tourist shops and enough bistros to shame any French festival goe-er– and there are some. I’m still calling them “freedom tourists”, for old time’s sake. The slopes literally are the edge of town, with the lifts to the Park City Ski Resort picking you up at Main Street, latte in hand. I did see one sort-of-celebrity being a good sport, posing for pics with a crowd of people who kind of recognize her from “The Forty Year Old Virgin”. But, who nees all those celebs when everyone else looks so darn good?

As I do not have a pass, I am at the whim of “anyone may attend” this evening. Apparently, having a pass doesn’t do you much better. Two women on the flight here said that they paid $700 for passes and still wound up with no tickets. It made me proud to be a Philadelphian when they told me that, with much protest, they got their money back.

I attended the first half hour of a rather droll presentation by two fellas who made a movie for $250,000. It was supposed to highlight the crazy new things that Avid plug-ins can do for the low-budget filmmaker. But, as one of these guys is a professer at USC, it turned into more of a motivational speech about what you can do if you can wrap your head around the technology.

Tomorrow, I hit two more of these free presentations and, with some determination, will actually see a movie.

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