Will Pennsylvania’s Tuesday Be Super?

Not sick of the primaries yet? Good thing, we haven’t even gotten to Pennsylvania’s primary. Keystone Staters have to wait until April 22nd to cast votes in the Democratic and Republican primaries. And because we have 185 delegates to bestow, you can bet the candidates are going to be bending over backwards taking our votes seriously.Elections may be taken seriously, but politics has a long history of being lampooned. Especially in Philadelphia. This place is the birthplace of political satire. (With Benjamin Franklin, of course.) Join or Die, of 1754, is the first political cartoon. For the last quarter of a millennium, Philadelphia has been home to many cartoonists: William Charles, David Claypool Johnson, and Edward Williams Clay. His “Life in Philadelphia” series made this city a joke in London in the 1830s.

Traditions this good don’t die. They get passed along. Signe Wilkinson, cartoonist for the Daily News has been doing her part living up to the examples set by Clay, Johnson, and Franklin – although Hillary Clinton may not appreciate the results.

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