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We just received word: our proposal for a Jane Johnson marker has been approved by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.  Thanks to everyone who helped.

It takes at least 10 weeks to draft, manufacture, ship and install a marker – so July 18, 2008 – the very next Jane Johnson Day – we can gather at an unveiling of the marker itself, on the spot where Jane Johnson seized her freedom in 1855.

It “is such an important story,” commented the PHMC panel, “the impact of this event should not be short-changed.”  It gets even better.  The panel believes this location might be able to accommodate a “roadside marker,” which would enable the story to be told in a loquacious 70 words – thirty more than a “city marker”.

Need a refresher about the story of Jane Johnson?  Visit The Sixth Square’s “Jane Johnson Day” archive. This is the place where the idea took off with more than a dozen posts leading up to last summer’s Jane Johnson Day.

Thanks for everyone’s help and support in this great group effort.  Could this be the first historical marker generated in the blogosphere? 

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