Looking good

Sadly, the film I saw Friday night, Bad Biology, has finished playing at the Film Festival, apparently to two sold out audiences. So, I’ll spare the in depth write up, because you will have to wait awhile in order to see it (rumor has it that TLA Video has a distribution offer on the table).  But, for those of you who loved Frankenhooker and Basket Case, director Frank Henenlotter’s long awaited re-appearance to the low budget horror scene is long overdue. I cannot recall having seen either, which, if Bad Biology is any measure, must mean that I never saw them, because this guy’s sense of right and wrong is truly unforgettable. I’ve never witnessed so many newborn babies being left for dead in one film. Mr. Henelotter was on hand to accept the Phantasmagoria award, whatever that means, and answer questions along with producers and cast. I’ll refer you to their Myspace page for further information: http://www.myspace.com/badbiology

Saturday was quite exciting. I participated in PhillyPitch!, run by the Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers component of the Film Office. Along with seven other reasonably unprepared pitchers, I got up in front of a live audience and a panel of judges to pitch my movie idea (really my husband’s movie idea). The judges hit the first two pitchers hard, interrupting them, demanding an off-the-cuff delivery with very specific information, insisting that we not perform for the audience, which is hard to do when a hundred people are watching you do this.  So, going third, I felt like I had it easy. Overall, it was a good experience, though one panelist did dismiss my buddy comedy, which takes place in heaven, with the daft quip, “Sounds like Evan Almighty, which lost $150 million dollars”.  Didn’t realize that the giraffes and lions counted as buddies and that said flop was even considered a comedy.

Afterwards, I headed to the G Bar (under Davio’s on 17th) for some open bar shenanigans.  Panelists, pitchers, and lots of people who didn’t realize there were underground bars in Philadelphia came out to hob-knob and look good. There I ran into Bad Biology producer R.A. “the Rugged Man” and actress extrordinaire Charlee Danielson, who were on hand at the behest of the festival organizers. We hob-knobbed and looked good as long as we could. Did it work? I think so.

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