Mr. Foe

Cast: Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), Sophia Myles (Tristan and Isolde), Ciaran Hinds (Margot at the Wedding)

I tend to avoid films at festivals that already have distribution and or studio backing. But, Mr. Foe fit into my schedule and peaked my interest. The skinny: A young Scott, on the brink of eighteen, desperately clinging to fading memories of his dead mother, is tossed from the nest of a verdant rural estate by his ice queen step mom in order to “get over it and move on”. Left to his own crafty devices in the big city, he finds what he has been looking for- mummy. The Inquirer reviewed this film yesterday, revealing most every plot point and rendering the film unexciting if you still decided to go see it. I’ll leave my description to the above, adding only that I found the film very well constructed, superbly acted, and totally endearing. Perhaps it’s telling that I liked it more than my husband, who had a difficult time discerning some of the characters motivations. I guess I find young men in search of maternal “guidance” kind of sexy (and totally logical). Sorry.

Plays again Wednesday April 9, 2:15 pm at the Bridge in west Philly. Rumor is that Mr. Foe will be released theatrically in the coming months.

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