Black House

Horror: South Korea

Seems like every Asian horror film of note revolves around “unspeakable” childhood trauma and the uncomplicated, naïve psychological profiling of maniacs made by society. Black House is no different. At times comical in its simplistic characterizations, this fairly predictable allegory exposes, if it is to be taken at face value, not just how new the notion of very bad people is to Korean society, but how much we Americans take it for granted. And, oh- insurance companies suck.

Juno, an unusually compassionate insurance investigator, employed to find a way to cheat people out of settlements, finds himself in a moral pickle when drawn into the psychopathic money grubbing of a disturbed couple willing to go to great lengths to collect payments for suspicious accidents. A willfully ignorant fool, he is easily sucked into a tepidly plotless, often unintentionally funny, murderfest. Who will be next? How can he stop it?

Perhaps it only unique feature of Black House is the totally over-the-top rumble between a morally crushed Juno and the real killer. Oh, but that’s not the end. In fact, there’s another fifteen minutes.

Next screening is Tonight (Thursday, April 10), 9:30 pm at The Bridge in West Philly.

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