How to suck up to Tony Award voters

Unless you are an absolutely huge fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or The Colbert Report, you may have no idea who David Javerbaum is. He’s the former head writer and current Executive Producer of TDS and was one of the author’s of a book that I would consider required reading for A.P. Government students nationwide.

Javerbaum also happens to be an accomplished musical composer, having been nominated along with Adam Schlesinger for the Best Score Tony Award for his Cry-Baby. (Be careful when you open that link, the music is… infectious… and loud.)

Anyway, knowing that these so-called Tony Awards are little more than a popularity contest (kidding, kidding), Javerbaum wrote a letter to the voters in an attempt to make himself just a little more popular – with them. Among the “invalid reasons” to vote for his musical:

1. It is customary for winners to thank their families during their acceptance speeches. However, if given a chance to make such a speech, Adam and I are willing to thank yours.

2. I know many of you are buzzing about the so-called “Latin-infused” songs of In the Heights. Well, excuse me for using my listening ears, but I saw that show, and there wasn’t a single word of Latin in the entire score! Quod erat demonstrandum.

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One Comment on “How to suck up to Tony Award voters”

  1. tonylover Says:

    I can’t wait to see the Tonys this year, especially since Kerry Butler was nominated! Loved your article, thanks!

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