Art means Crime on the streets of Philadelphia

On Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof’s artblog, you’ll be captivated by the riveting account of one artist’s harrowing trip to the El from his studio. (Part Two is here.)

I bring it up for a couple of reasons.

1. Artists often have a way of looking at the world that doesn’t automatically make snap judgments about the people and circumstances involved in some really horrible incidents.  Anthony’s story definitely doesn’t do that.

2. I went to grade school and high school with Anthony (Lansdowne!) and it’s good to see that aside from the incident described in this account, he seems to be doing pretty well.  I hope to see more of his writing, hopefully about more pleasant experiences, in the future.

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One Comment on “Art means Crime on the streets of Philadelphia”

  1. anthony campuzano Says:

    hey dan! thanks for the link to my article. i have had alot of supportive response to it. i saw you on primary night coverage on pbs and also heard you on the radio a couple months ago. it was a thrill. we should catch up some time.

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