Pennsylvania Dutch… er… German LIVES!

I had the hardest time coming up with a headline for this piece, featured today on the Arts and Culture Reports page at WHYY’s website:

Pennsylvania Dutch preserved in new dictionary

This holiday weekend, many people are heading out to Lancaster where some of the last speakers of Pennsylvania Dutch can be heard. Though Pennsylvania Dutch dictionaries have been compiled in the past, the most comprehensive yet – at 11 volumes – has now been published.

This is one of your consummate NPR stories.  The kind of thing that you never would have thought you were interested in until you listened to it.  That also makes it impossible to come up with 4-5 catchy words that can attract the attention of the users.  Even the headline I used for this blog post only serves to let you know that the piece is about the Pennsylvania Dutch language.  If you’re not already interested in it, why the heck would you take the time to click on the audio for the piece and give it a listen?

Well, I suppose if you ever find yourself stranded in the middle of Lancaster County and you’re in desperate need of help and you’ve somehow found yourself in a small enclave of the County that only speaks the native tongue, it might help to know that “de boda” is the correct pronunciation of “floor.”

Check out the piece, if for no other reason than to hear Professor Beam speak Pennsylvania German.

And please, if you can suggest a better headline, please do so.  Onion-style parody headlines are welcome.

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One Comment on “Pennsylvania Dutch… er… German LIVES!”

  1. annajennifer Says:

    Pennsylvania Dutch migrated here from Germany they imported the idea but adapted it to the more readily available ingredients, namely flour and corn. So what they now call pot pie is typically a thickish stew of chicken or other meat, with corn and homemade noodle made with plain flour, eggs, and butter. Ron, David’s dad, told me when he was growing up they had bot boi with pretty much every meat or game imaginable.
    anna jennifer
    pennsylvania drug rehab

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