A championship, but does it count?

This morning on WHYY 91FM, Elizabeth Fiedler recapped the Philadelphia Soul’s big win in the Arena Bowl with this story:

As the clock ran down during Sunday’s Arena Bowl championship, the people of Philadelphia finally had a chance to celebrate a championship.

“D’orazio runs back, running, throwing…1….0…Take a listen Philadelphia! The Philadelphia Soul are the 2008 World Champions of Arena Football… They do it – they win Arena Bowl 22!”

Thousands of Philadelphia Soul fans cheered on their team, as they clinched the victory in New Orleans. Soul Communications Director Greg Wiley said that 11 percent of Philadelphians who had their televisions on during the Arena Bowl watched the game too.

He said there’s a reason the Soul has so many fans.

“It’s high scoring, fast-paced, edge of your seat action. There’s touchdown after touchdown, a lot of passing. A lot of hitting. It’s football in a contained area,” said Wiley.

“You’re not only worried about getting tackled. You’re worried about getting tackled into the wall. Players fall into the stands all the time. And you can catch footballs. You’re so far away from the action at outdoor football games that’s not going to happen.”

Wiley says maybe one day local sports fans will follow Soul wide receiver Chris Jackson and quarterback Matt d’Orazio with the same intensity they devote to the Eagles.

My question for you, loyal readers/listeners: does it count? Does this championship mean that the “drought” – no major championship since the 1983 Sixers’ victory over the Lakers – is over? Or does it only count if the Phillies, Flyers, Eagles or Sixers get their parade down Broad Street?

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