Advancing* your sports knowledge.

Wow. Where do I start. I guess a good beginning would be why I would want to blog about fencing.

I’ve been fencing since I was twelve, competing locally and nationally, and was a starter on the Brandeis University fencing team. Since college, I’ve been fencing consistently, though not competing anymore. I also taught fencing for two summers at a local summer camp.

What is fencing? If I started to answer that question, this blog would become a book. I think rather than try to explain the rules, the actions, the three weapons, etc…, I’ll direct you to one of probably a hundred sites that do this more precisely than I can. Here it is.

So since I’ve started (religiously) watching the fencing events at this Olympics, I’ve had quite a bit to talk about with my wife (also a fencer) and brother (him too) regarding interesting bouts, personalities, updates to the sport, exposure of the sport, etc… One recent morning, Jennifer Lynn pointed out that many of the offhanded comments I’ve made while watching the events might be of interest to the fencing and non-fencing communities alike.  So here we go…hope I’m not being too tedious about anything (feel free to ream me out if I am).

For the next few days at least, I’ll post my thoughts on the competition (four events have already happened) and about what’s interesting about this latest forum for fencing on the world stage. Hope you enjoy it.

*Advance [verb/noun]: forward movement in fencing consisting of an initial step with the front foot followed by a step with the back foot, starting and finishing in the en garde position.

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