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We’ve moved!

August 29, 2008

After several months of camping out on’s front lawn, we are taking this blog into the house.  Starting now… no nnnnow.  Ok, nnnnow.

So for all of the Arts and Culture reporting, commentary and discussion you want, check out The Sixth Square at  There’s a feed on the page so you can subscribe to get all of the latest updates right to your blog reader. For those of you who want the whole url, it is:

Hopefully we’ll be able to continue some of the exciting discussions that we’ve had about Temple’s new art school campus, the American Revolution Center at Valley Forge National Historical Park and the various television shows that I happen to like (maybe).

We’ll also be bringing in some new bloggers to fold to talk about anything and everything artsy and cultural-y.

So come on in.  Pour yourself a drink.  Light up your cigar and lets talk culture!